Dr. Deer, Inc. announces establishment of its Great Lakes Division. Dr. James C. Kroll (left), aka “Dr. Deer,” has
expanded operations into the Great Lakes region, where interest in managing for bigger bucks has accelerated at a
staggering pace. The tremendous success of his work at Turtle Lake Hunting Club, near Hillman, Michigan in
improving buck quality was the primary force behind this decision. Once considered as an “unmanageable” area of
the US, incidence of disease has dropped dramatically, fawn recruitment has increased several fold and the number
of mature bucks in the herd is garnering a lot attention by local hunters and clubs. Demands on Dr. Deer’s time
required additional staff. Pictured with Dr. Kroll are TLC manager, Wayne Sitton (right) and biologist John Varnel, a
graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University’s high-profile wildlife management program. “I’m very excited about
this,” notes Dr. Kroll, “Wayne and John are men you can count on, and with the proven credentials and tools to get
the job done!” If you are tired of low quality or lack of success in your management program, contact Dr. Deer, Inc.
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